Managed Resourcing

For outsourced Managed Resourcing services, EIL Global has developed a framework to implement and deliver IT support services to meet customers’ needs and requirements. It combines recruitment and staff welfare management with a proven Project Management Governance Structure and industry best practice in IT Service Management.

Ensuring the availability of skills and resources at the right time can cause unnecessary pain for many IT managers, especially with the current focus on keeping permanent headcount to a minimum. If there is a shortage of skilled resources available, critical projects and services can be put at risk. One option is to turn to an outsourced managed service. However, if for whatever reason you want to maintain ownership and accountability for day-to-day service delivery, this is not an option. Another option is to contract staff. If you are looking for a long term, consistent, quality lead service delivery, contracting staff stifles your options – you cannot provide job specific training for example. High resource turnover can also affect service quality and increase costs.

Locations Covered


EIL’s Managed Resourcing, which focuses on finding and managing the right individuals or teams to fill resource gaps for our customers. EIL GLobal source, train and manage these staff as a team of managed resources against resource related service quality levels. You retain ownership of service delivery – we take away all the people management overheads.



Staff Sourcing

EIL Global has an up-to-the minute database of over 40,000 professionals who can be called on to fill specific skills requirements. This is the very same resourcing engine we use to staff our own assignments, following the same tried and trusted processes that deliver the appropriate candidates for your requirements.



Staff Hire

This reduces costs and reduces the level of staff turnover. All staff have career path options through our wider range of IT Services.



Staff Training

This ensures their skills remain aligned to your job role needs. All our staff have access to our regular in-house training programme including an online self-paced training portal targeted at industry accreditations.



Staff Management

Our dedicated People & Talent Organisation will ensure all staff managed by us on your team receive professional staff welfare management, formally documented and managed within a Personal Development Plan.

EIL Global will deliver all the above within a formal SLA driven managed service within a fixed monthly fee.

Key benefits of EIL’s Managed Resourcing

Fast, reliable and flexible provision of staff

Availability of the right staff at the right time

Lowered IT service delivery Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Access to a wealth of technical, service delivery, and project management skills and expertise

Higher quality of service delivery

Higher customer satisfaction levels

Reduced IT and business risk by using our specialist expertise and experience

Solutions provided as a complete managed service with a fixed monthly payment