Mailbox Health

Mailbox is synonymous with Exchange environment and requires detailed information about the Mailbox Health Solutions, its traffic, size, and other properties.
EIL Global offers complete Mailbox Health Reports that assist administrators push back any mail-bound threats and thereby capabilities as a whole mailbox health services. These reports are available for both on-premises Exchange Servers and Exchange Online.

Mailbox Health Services

Exchange mailboxes, like any other asset in your organization, require regular clean-up. Removing unwanted components is easy but separating them is tedious. Use EIL Global’s Mailbox Health Services to complete this task.
Our Mailbox Health Solutions offers you granular information about the account repute of your organization`s mailboxes. View in-intensity statistics about inactive mailboxes, disabled and disconnected mailboxes, expired mailboxes, and more.

Get End-To-End Mailbox Health Services with EIL Global!

Mailbox Database Growth Report

It is important to monitor mailbox database growth, as the mailbox database can be unmounted if the size limit is exceeded. This report provides an obvious option for Exchange administrators to track the increase in mailbox database size and monitor Exchange database performance



Mailbox Size Report

Size is an important aspect of mailboxes as it is directly related to managing resources on the server. At EIL Global, we:

  • Check both the size and size of the mailbox.
  • Compare the size of the current mailbox with the assigned quota.
  • Shows the growth rate of Exchange mailboxes for all servers and databases.
  • Analyze mailbox statistics for all users

Mailbox Health Permission Report

Managing Mailbox Health Solutions permissions is important for your Exchange organization to function properly. Strict compliance auditing standards also require businesses to improve security to protect sensitive information.


Benefits of EIL Global’s Mailbox Health Services

  • Track critical changes to mailbox permissions and issue immediate email notifications.
  • Change alert severity as needed to track user activity.
  • Archive audit data beyond a specific time period for future analysis. This optimizes the performance of your working database. Archived data can also be restored if desired.
  • Configure the report to send or export the report in csv, pdf, html, or csv format.
  • An integrated report that provides a complete picture of all changes to mailbox health permissions.
  • All critical changes are checked to ensure that IT compliance laws are complied with.

Get End-To-End Mailbox Health Services with EIL Global!