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A company is only as healthy as its workforce — or so the saying goes. EIL Global’s digital Transformation services along workforce wellness focuses on AI based wearable technologies. EIL Global and GoX Labs provide the transformation of workforce into a modern day advanced real time monitored and managed workforce wellness.
People who are happier, more motivated and healthier can improve their workplace as well as their companies; bottom lines. One way to help workers achieve health goals is through digital wellness programs that encourage them to be active, eat healthy food and sleep well.
Some of the conditions that affect workers include workplace related injuries, hypertension, weight related issues, and diabetes. It can be difficult for companies to prevent these  issues when they are faced with increasing work demands and shrinking budgets. Elevate employee well-being and productivity with our Workforce Wellness Solutions. Prioritize the health and happiness of your team through a holistic approach to workplace wellness. Workforce Wellness Solution Our tailored solutions encompass physical, mental, and emotional well-being, fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

Workplace injuries Predicted
Workplace Injuries Prevented

80% of workplace Injuries are preventable!

Our approach:

  • Measure
  • Identify
  • Change

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The key reasons for Injuries at work place as below:

Overexertion Among Workers

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Overexertion among workers can be a big problem because it can seriously affect their lives. This is especially true for the manual labour of people working in warehouses or factories that require strenuous physical work. In most cases, the exact causes behind such overexertion are hard to determine and very difficult to track down due to the sheer size of these establishments – This is because there is no REAL TIME tracking of the workforce !

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, Trips, and Falls can also be problematic because they usually cause serious injuries. These types of accidents can be the result of negligence on the part of the operators, and in most cases, they lead to serious physical or emotional problems for many individuals.

Which department in your organization has reported maximum workplace injuries last year?

Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases such as diabetes also affect workers. A 2012 study by the National Institutes of Health determined that an average of 70% of people with diabetes who did not have work-related coverage and whose employers are large businesses had to change jobs.  They were 40% less likely to be offered health insurance after a job change, according to the study.

Contact Injuries in the Workplace

A workplace can be a dangerous environment for workers because there are several elements that can cause bodily harm, which are often out of their control. For example, contact injuries can occur when an individual falls or is involved in a workplace accident because of poor working conditions or lack of safety measures. These types of injuries include lacerations and burns caused by coming in contact with hazardous materials like broken equipment parts. Although these accidents may not result in any serious physical problems, they can still pose a significant risk to the operators.

Out of the below, which ranks the most for your workplace injury concerns (Trips/ falls/ Geofencing/ Heat stress/ musculoskeletal/ dehydration/ over exertion)?

Slips and Falls Due to Wet Surfaces

According to some studies, slips, trips and falls due to wet surfaces are among the most common types of workplace accidents on construction sites. Of course, these cases can also occur in other types of establishments like warehouses, office buildings , and retail stores. They can be caused by a multitude of reasons, but usually it is the negligence of operators or their employers that causes them. Most of these types of incidents occur due to wet floors from rainwater or mopping solutions spilled on the ground.

All of these are preventable

All of these are preventable

The Answer – Digital Transformation of Workforce Safety and Wellness

We offer digital transformation of workforce safety and wellness in Australia that blends state of the art science and the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our expert validated prevention platform, BOOST, is the first solution available that can accurately predict and prevent health problems that workers may face such as injury and disease.

We bring this workforce wellness transformation as part of digital transformation of workforce safety using two platforms – BOOST and BOOST 2.0.


The platforms within workforce wellness transformation are listed as below:


Boost is a best-in-class solution for highly effective injury prevention, so that your workers can continue to be productive and remain healthy. The truly predictive state-of-the-art insights that are delivered by Boost not only has a positive impact on worker health but delivers useful information for the whole company to use to provide better support and decision making regarding workforce wellness.

Artificial intelligence is used to prevent potential injuries that can be caused by things such as overexertion using a wide variety of predictors such as levels of fatigue, form, forces, fitness, and environment — all brought to the user from the parameter data from the watch.

Because Boost uses AI, companies will no longer need expensive equipment to track employee VO2 levels and keep them low.

How many employees in the department of workplace injury concern?

Motion Pod - Included in Boost

The Motion Pod measures good and bad trunk movement, uses bluetooth technology, and has an IP66 IEC standard that ensures reliability, safety, and efficiency. It comes with an Internal Measurement Unit (IMU) and has a 1 meter drop resistance. The battery can last as long as 24-hours even with constant use and is completely FCC/CE compliant.




The Smartwatch comes with a suite of features including measurement for heart rate with an integrated HR monitor, VO2, steps taken, cadence, location, and RPE. It also comes with Google’s highly regarded WearOS. Currently the smart watches are powered by Samsung.



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All of the data that comes from the Motion Pod and Smartwatch are consolidated on a proprietary dashboard that:

• Provides daily and historical data for users as well as their accurate health assessments
• Gives executives full visibility of work risks and compliance so that decision makers can reduce risks by providing the correct interventions.
• Gives managers health-related trends for the organization as a whole so that assessments can be made holistically and compliance can be tracked.

Do you agree such a solution can improve the well-being of your employees at the workplace (range from 2%-80%)?

Boost 2.0

The Boost 2.0 is a cost-effective approach towards digital transformation of workforce wellness. Boost 2.0 provides more flexibility off Workforce Wellness towards a large volume of workforce. This Workforce Wellness solution features only the pod and sensors without the smart watch. This Workforce Wellness solution is extremely useful and cost effective for those businesses where the workforce strength is more than 200 and a majority percentage of them are working under overexertion/ heat stress/ riskier conditions.

Boost 2.0 capabilities towards digital transformation of Workforce Wellness:

  • Back, shoulder, or ankle
  • Neutral Position
  • Power Zones
  • Peak GFR Reduction

Slips, Trips, Falls

  • Static Balance
  • Dynamic Balance

Contact, Social Distance

  • Proximity Alerts
  • Social Distance
  • Person to Equipment

Boost 2.0 gives you:

Below are the different possible inclusions of boost 2.0 based on various customer scenarios:

All of the relevant data from the wearables are collected by modern smartphones via bluetooth. The phone then transmits the relevant data to the cloud for the information to be consolidated.

Think of these as being similar to the motion pod — but more Boostnomically specialized. Just like the Motion Pod, the Center Pod measures for good and bad trunk movement so that bad form is corrected and injuries are prevented. The Arm Pod, worn on the upper arm, measures flexion, extension, abduction, and adduction angles as well as track angular rates and duty cycles to maximize efficiency.

Vertical ground reaction forces from the feet are important to measure because they are related to the occurrence of lower extremity injuries.
For example, high vertical ground reaction forces can be a risk factor for overuse injuries in sports and exercise . In addition, increased vertical forces have been shown to increase the risk of internal cartilage and meniscus damage , as well as proximal tibiofemoral osteoarthritis .
The Insole included in the Boost 2.0 includes, the accuracy of which has been verified with the use of instrumented treadmills, provides these measurements with built-in sensors that are distributed from the heels to the toes.