Mail Flow

Email is an important part of communication at work. If your Exchange server doesn’t maintain email communication, you need to identify the problem and fix it immediately. Email flow health is one of the first things to check when you have problems with email communication.

Exchange administrators should be familiar with the “Test Mail flow” to ensure that email is being sent and received correctly from the system mailbox on your organization’s mailbox server. However, the script is time consuming and complex. EIL Global’s Mail flow services help you easily check the status of your mail flow and notify you in real time if something goes wrong.
Use the EIL Global Mail Flow Services to receive instant email notifications about the flow of messages in your company.

IAM Solutions

A slight delay in email can be costly to your business. You need to track the performance of your email system and anticipate delays before they impact users or customers.
EIL Global can help to get insights into the state of the mail flow and details such as server name and time. In addition to checking the status of the mail flow, our mail flow status report also shows the delay value of the message, making it easy to identify the delay of the message. If the email takes too long to deliver, this is a clear sign of a server problem that needs to be addressed.

With EIL Global’s Mail flow Services, get a real-time notification about the status of your email flow:
Configure alerts to track all incidents in your Exchange environment. You will receive real-time notifications about the status of your email flow based on:

  • Exchange Server involved
  • Success or failure of the mail flow health test
  • Message latency time

Real-time alerts serve as an additional bonus. What more do you really need?

Features of EIL Global’s Mail Flow Services

  • Round-trip SMTP monitoring
  • Inbound and outbound email tests and header analysis
  • Performance metrics and historical statistics
  • Configurable real-time alerts
  • Customizable timeouts