Security Services

The world has changed a lot in the last couple of decades. Instead of simply dealing with local or regional security concerns, businesses now must think globally. Many companies have remote locations dispersed around the world. But the smaller the world gets; the more data security threats are growing. Yet, in today’s digital economy, fast, secure, and reliable communications (wherever their offices are located) is a must—but how do you keep your business safe?

Cyber Security Services

At EIL Global, we partner with the best to deliver end-to-end, pervasive professional cyber security services and solutions that detect and stop threats, manage IT risk and compliance, and protect your business from ever-increasing attacks. Data security is no longer nice to have, it is imperative. EIL Global is here to help simplify all the professional cyber security services options and ensure your business secure.

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Managed Detection and Response

Security leaders need a cost-effective solution that detects and prevents intrusions, malware and other malicious activity. They need access to the latest threat research and analytics to separate the real threats from the noise. And they need 24/7 security experts who continually monitor their environments for threats and know what to do when they arise. With EIL Global’s Managed Detection and Response service, organizations get the always-on support they need.

Managed Endpoint Protection

In recent months, the growing remote workforce has brought endpoint security into renewed focus. More than ever before, end users are opening organizations up to increased risk, especially as they access sensitive company data from afar. But in-house security expertise can be stretched thin or even not exist, making an experienced partner with proven endpoint protection tools a critical part of a comprehensive security strategy. At EIL Global, we can help ensure your endpoints are protected, in a metered, pay-for-what-you-use approach, meaning you get the protection you need without upfront expense or additional headcount.

Secure Data Encryption

The currency of business these days is data. So, to protect your business, your sensitive data must be encrypted in order for it to be secure from both internal and external threats. We can help encrypt your sensitive data, keeping you and your critical data safe.



Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Threats against an organization’s information and integrity are growing faster than ever, so protect your critical data with an intrusion detection and prevention solution. Ensure your defence is ready against attacks while allowing legitimate traffic to reach its intended destination in your business. The challenge becomes knowing which of the thousands of alerts are real threats and which are false alarms, leading your IT team in circles chasing them down. Managed security services can help keep your IDS/IPS devices up-to-date and monitor them to ensure you’re protected from emerging IT Security threats.

Log Management

As any IT professional can attest, log management becomes a challenge when every device is generating a log of constant activity and, when not closely monitored and analyzed, real security threats can go undetected. At EIL Global, our managed security services team not only monitors your logs for alerts but diligently analyzes them for indicators of security vulnerabilities, ensuring you are able to prevent and mitigate any threats to your critical data.

IT Security Assessment

Understanding your security gaps is key to addressing regulatory obligations and protecting your organization from breach. EIL Global can help by conducting assessments designed to identify vulnerabilities in your IT systems and gaps in your security program, followed by a thorough gap analysis that will leave you with a roadmap to remediation and compliance.



Incident Response

Today’s IT teams are overwhelmed with the increasing volume of cyberattacks, the shortage of in-house security experts and increasing complexity in their infrastructure and disparate tools – all leading to vulnerabilities that cybercriminals are quick to find. In the unfortunate (but likely) event a breach does happen, it’s critical to have a plan to rapidly analyze, contain and eradicate the attack.

Application and Data Security Services

Security and risk management leaders must address the complex risks to applications and data associated with digital business. Applications are an entry point to an enterprise, and cyber-criminals are targeting them now more than ever. Traditional network security solutions can’t address many of the highly sophisticated attacks that are rampant today. EIL Global’s security team delivers application and data security services designed to thwart breach attempts and reduce your exposure should a breach happen.

Information Security Operations

With the frequency and complexity of cyberattacks on the rise, organizations must reduce the time it takes to detect and respond to attacks if they are going to survive. To detect advanced threats and minimize the damage caused by a breach, there needs to be tight integration between network and security operations. This requires a holistic approach to security by analyzing risk across the entire organization, both inside and out.

EIL Global Security Operations services include:

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring: Today’s cyber threats require a complete understanding of your environment in order to detect the most minute anomalies. Our team takes care of your infrastructure 24/7, tracking and resolving all alerts while keeping you always up to date.

  • Zero Downtime: EIL Global’s ReaQta MDR team takes care of containing and remediating threats as soon as they’re detected – minimizing your business risk and reducing damages and interruption to services.

  • Mature Cyber Defense: Our team comes from the military, intelligence and analysis background – helping you to identify and track even the most sophisticated actors and run advanced threat hunting campaigns.

  • Proactive Threat Hunting: Detection and protection are important, but providing visibility to you as a customer is essential. For this reason EIL Global’s ReaQta MDR team will always keep you up-to-date with reports on anomalies and attacks that are ready to be shared with your management.