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A strong security posture is a central goal of modern enterprises. However, measuring the strength of these attitudes is often difficult due to their breadth and complexity. Cyber Risk Score provides an objective framework for assessing Security Score Solutions status. By translating these assessments into easy-to-understand representations of qualitative cyber risk scores, organizations can better understand where assets need to be safe and improved.

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Cyber Security Score

The concept of cybersecurity attitudes helps businesses gain a holistic view of their information security efforts. An IT security posture consists of all the security strategies, guidelines, programs, and solutions that your company has. The ultimate goal is to develop a strong and resilient posture and maintain that posture in the face of evolving threats and risks. To achieve this goal, we need useful tools or frameworks to measure the strength of such posture. Calculating cyber risk scores is one of the most common and effective ways to make such measurements.

Cyber security risk score is an easy-to-understand expression of the strength of your security position. A higher rating means a stronger defense. Credit scores provide third parties with insights into their financial responsibilities, while cyber risk scores reveal whether a company is doing enough to protect itself from data breaches. Developing effective IT and cybersecurity strategies that mitigate business risk within the available budget is a challenge. EIL Global’s Security Score Solutions helps businesses plan the activities they need to achieve appropriate IT and cyber security status.

We think that at some point in the near term, a cybersecurity score will be as important as a credit score when organizations look to sign up for a partnership”. Source: Gartner

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A well-functioning organization objectively supports taking appropriate steps to protect data. This provides potential and current customers and partners with independent evidence that the enterprise is fulfilling its Security Score Solutions obligations. This will ultimately improve sales and profitability.

Gartner’s report confirms the value of IT security score – “cybersecurity ratings will become as important as credit ratings when assessing the risk of existing and new business relationships…these services will become a precondition for business relationships and part of the standard of due care for providers and procurers of services. Additionally, the services will have expanded their scope to assess other areas, such as cyber insurance, due diligence for M&A and even as a raw metric for internal security programs”

EIL Global's Cyber Security Scorecard provides a structured approach for assessing and identifying:

  • A security score status based on current maturity and desired operational maturity.
  • Prioritized security remediation measures based on capacity, budget constraints, and risk priorities.
  • Security ecosystem map highlighting high priority security remediation measures.
  • Roadmap for security corrective actions.
  • Summary and recommendations: And vulnerability assessment report

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