Backup and DR

EIL Global Provides Protection

We Support : Virtualized environments, including guest or image-level data protection, Databases that include Oracle, SQL, SAP, SAP HANA data protection, Email systems, including Exchange and Lotus Notes, Internet databases, including Apache Cassandra and CouchDB



Does your business have an effective Business Continuity Plan in place?

Peace of Mind

Your IT team spends a lot of time strategizing how to protect workloads, since there are enormous costs associated with IT downtime and data loss. EIL Global’s business continuity experts update and maintain automated runbooks for your Disaster Recovery solution, making failure response operations run smoothly.



EIL Global’s Smart Implementation

EIL global’s approach- best practice architecture and solution implementation -this includes conducting server inventories, assisting in provisioning network services, helping with our proven process and Active Directory infrastructure installation and configuration, recovery server installation and configuration, monitoring probes deployment, and infrastructure test failover with a post-deployment debriefing.



Minimize the Risk

EIL Global’s engineers carry out regular testing and audits of the deployed environment to ensure the reliability, efficiency, and accuracy of your DR solution. Should an unexpected production site outage or disaster occur, MDRS enables you to restore normal business operations within hours, instead of days or weeks. Our team works for you 24×7×365.



Lower DR Infrastructure Costs

Offload Disaster Recovery management and maintenance responsibilities, allowing your IT team to maintain a continued focus on core business functions. Alleviate the need to invest in designated resources to drive aggregation, maintenance, and documentation of infrastructure recovery for your IT environment. EIL Global’s MDRS eliminates that burden by doing it for you.



Business Continuity

Outages, hardware failures, and natural disasters will occur. A plan tailored to your environment mitigates the impact, allowing your business to continue delivering products and services after a disruptive incident. Not having a strategy puts an organization at enormous risk. Our MDRS can implement a plan to address your unique business needs.



Reduced Downtime

What is your Backup & Disaster Recovery plan? Or perhaps you have a business continuity plan, but it has never actually been tested. We all know outages and disasters are going to happen. It’s all about how quickly you can recover to meet your RTO and RPO. Defining and achieving these metrics contribute significantly to ensuring business continuity, keeping brand integrity intact, and your revenue stream flowing.



Business Continuity

EIL Global’s Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery team orchestrates and automates the failover process in the case of a production node failure. Protection groups specify the VMs included in the failover to the target DR site in the Cloud. With the DR Replication for Active Directory option, EIL will also manage the transition of AD services from the primary server to the secondary DR server in any Cloud as required. Once the outage or disruption is corrected, failback automatically re-synchronizes data at the DR site back to its original, working state at the primary location.

Regular Backup & DR Solution

Testing Establishing a solid DR plan is a good start, but testing your plan is essential to ensure it works. EIL Global’s Managed Backup & DR delivers quarterly audits and a semi-annual test failover, a bubble test in which the managed recovery servers and the corresponding primary servers are isolated. Environment recovery scenarios take place without interruption to primary server workloads