Asset Management

We’re getting more reliant on IT technology and software in today’s world, which makes it tough to keep track of and manage our assets. Apart from understanding where hardware and software assets are located, we must also ensure that they are properly maintained, secured, and supported to ensure the longest possible asset lifecycle. 

Using an EIL’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution, your company can have total insight of its IT estate, from mobile to mainframe to cloud, assuring complete control over your assets. EIL’s Asset Management Solution helps you manage the life cycle of all IT assets, making tactical and strategic decisions easier.

We provide total insight to assist you in securing your estate and ensuring that any vulnerabilities that may occur are identified and protected. Our asset inventory is collected in real-time to ensure that you can make quick, informed decisions based on reliable data that is easily available whenever you need it.

Do you want to learn how EIL Global’s IT Asset Management can help your company reach its full potential?

Key Features of EIL’s Asset Management Solution

Control software costs and licenses

Stop surprise software costs and ensure deployed software compliance through accurate license counts with software asset management

Manage hardware and physical assets

Reduce hardware and equipment costs while optimizing your TCO, ROI, and depreciation to maximize you IT asset investments

Get asset portfolio management

Make better decisions by combining information on contracts, procurement, assets, vendors, and budget for comprehensive ITAM visibility



Accelerate procurement processes

Create vendor catalogs for approved purchase options and easily enter received assets into inventory or track against service tickets.



Get a financial view of each asset

See the projected value for each procured asset over time, assign assets to cost centers, and more for better financial understanding of assets

Manage vendors and contracts

Track your vendors, their brands, the contracts you have with them, and which ones are subject to caution for better vendor relationships.

Key objectives of EIL’s Asset Management Solution

Ensure business security policies and regulatory obligations are followed.

Boost productivity and meet business requirements.

Lower licencing and maintenance expenses.

Lower IT overhead costs and management.