First Responder Wellness

Predict and Prevent Future Injuries and Diseases of First Responders

EIL Global and GoX Labs leverages powerful data, state of the art science, and artificial intelligence to build our First Responder’s Wellness the most effective and outside validated wearables app on the planet. Outcome is unmatched, proven through use in the field by Fortune 1000 companies in the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.


EIL’s Boost is a wearable sensor kit specifically designed for Workforce Wellness. The easy to deploy sensors and accurate algorithms for form, fatigue, and force provide the most comprehensive insight into how to improve worker safety and wellness.”

Musculoskeletal injury

Musculoskeletal injury is considered one of the top issues among First Responders. We have mapped the correlations between the key drivers of injury which are movement, fatigue, environment, force, and fitness to its outcome. We can assess the risk of injury by measuring the key drivers and ensure First responder wellness.

Detect illness up to 72 hrs prior to onset of symptoms.

Risk of infectious disease is increasing as humans are exposed to an ever increasing number of animal borne viruses, which reach in the millions. Most human transmissions occur from pre or asymptomatic carriers. EIL’s Boost focuses on detecting the illness prior to peak contagiousness and protect to ensure First Responder wellness.


Extensive Research

2 years of research and development in the department of defence under DARPA Squad X, Warrior Web, and LSE.

US Army Validated

95% accuracy compared to clinical standards using Squad X, Warrior Web and LS3

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How it works


Real-time physical fitness level of First Responder

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