Licensing Evaluation and Optimization

Software asset management provides most of the return on investment (ROI) through optimization, and EIL Global helps businesses evaluate and optimize their licenses.

Licensing Evaluation and Optimization

EIL Global helps you optimize everything from desktops to servers to cloud licensing. Customers are also often confused about whether a product actually needs maintenance/software backups and undoubtedly simply update. We can help with that too! EIL Globa’s license optimization service helps identify save annual IT costs, and leverage software licenses that you didn’t even know you own.
“Organisations can cut spending on software by as much as 30% by implementing software licence optimization best practices”. Source: Gartner

Many organizations over-spend on software by purchasing unnecessary software licenses.

Deployment Optimization

Optimize the consumption of existing software investments and turn them into strategic business resources. Our deployment optimization services clarify the world of enterprise software licensing. You can resize and avoid unnecessary future costs by reducing and eliminating unwanted duplicate technology and off-the-shelf inventory while assessing the impact of future changes.



Optimizing Microsoft 365 for Your Organization

For things like email and the Office suite of products, most businesses have switched to Microsoft/Office 365 licencing. They’ve done this because, when compared to traditional volume licencing, the subscription model is easier to purchase and manage. It has the significant advantage of keeping all employees on the most recent version of the software. They must now optimise Microsoft licencing! There are so many options now that it is easy to purchase the wrong offering or fail to take advantage of what you have purchased

How do you make sure there are no overpayments or underuses? The most common mistakes we make are:

  • Unused license for legacy account. Some users have licensed for the first time in a while, but most may be free shared mailboxes. You can downgrade to Exchange only, even if your account hasn’t sent or received email yet.
  • Buying standalone services if the suites are priced the same or less-for example, buy Exchange Online and Office 365 ProPlus if Microsoft 365 Business Standard offers great features to 99% of users.
  • With duplicate licenses (for example, Microsoft 365 Business Standard license and Exchange Online license assignment), the user gets the Exchange license twice.

Why Choose EIL Global?

Our licensing specialists can assist you with everything related to licensing products services, whether it is the first purchase of a license or an existing license. We analyse your contract and license portfolio and help you optimize licence and recurring support costs