Thousands of businesses around the world are affected by natural disasters. Consider what would happen if your data centre experienced a natural disaster such as earthquakes, floods, hardware failure or a human-inflicted activity such as office fires, cyberattacks, etc. So, it’s important to have a DR plan in place in case of a catastrophe.

BUDR Solutions

EIL Global’s BUDR Service

With EIL Global’s BUDR Service, you can replicate your IT workloads from virtual or physical environments, to our high security cloud architecture. We can go beyond a simple backup with our disaster recovery expertise by ensuring that all of your critical workloads are preserved. We also make sure that the disaster recovery process is tailored to your business priorities and compliance requirements. BUDR Solutions on the Cloud can significantly reduce costs (up to half the costs), in comparison to a company maintaining its own redundant data centres.
Regardless of the type or location of your company’s data assets, EIL Global’s BUDR service can protect your data. We provide this service where you need it. We also ensure compliance with national data sovereignty rules, through locally deployed assets and in-country support.

Does your business have an effective Business Continuity plan in place?

EIL Global provides protection for all of your structured and unstructured data, while enabling self-service restoration capability to your application teams. We provide support for:

  • Virtualized environments, including guest or image-level data protection
  • Databases that include Oracle, SQL, SAP, SAP HANA data protection
  • Email systems, including Exchange and Lotus Notes
  • Internet databases, including Apache Cassandra and CouchDB, as well as MongoDB

EIL Global’s Fast and Secure BUDR Service

  • Management and reporting is centralized
  • An integrated disaster recovery runbooks orchestration, for live and test failover
  • EIL’s recovery assurance allows for self-service or assisted on boarding and failover
  • Colocation is available for legacy systems and hardware platforms.
  • Custom-made solutions with 100 percent compatibility
  • A secure cloud infrastructure with SLAs of 100% uptime.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster recovery and business continuity are critical components of any IT department’s IT strategy. Although they are essential in the event of a disaster, IT departments are constantly being asked to do more with less resources. This leads to an oversight in DR/BC testing, updating, and strategy creation. EIL understands this predicament, and we provide disaster recovery solutions to fit all business needs. Backup and restore your data post a disaster with EIL Global’s comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity solution.

Ensure Efficient Operations

With EIL Global’s BUDR Solutions, you can back up your data safely. You can avoid overprovisioning, and pay only for what you use. We help you benefit from improvements in backup technology without capital outlay, personnel re-skilling or costly business disruptions. You’ll also realize efficiencies through:

Fast Recovery Time & Recovery Point Objectives (RTO & RPO)

RTOs of 15 minutes: Veeam customers experience 96% of recoveries within their RTO SLAs, compared to just 78% for traditional solutions. Helps Prevent data loss by enabling low recovery point objectives (RPOs) of 15 minutes, and enabling offsite data protection.
Single-port connectivity via a secure, reliable TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer) connection, to a service provider with traffic encryption

Better RPO/RTO with Improved Resilience:

  • You can choose from a variety of recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) choices. This helps you regulate availability and costs. You can ensure that key applications recover fast, while secondary apps recover at the lowest cost.
  • Auto recovery fall-back ensures that applications return to the primary data centre for maximum performance, while pre-provisioned resources are started in minutes to ensure a speedy RTO.

Get the help you need with your BUDR Planning

Why EIL Global for BUDR Service?

EIL Global is one of the few companies in the world that can deliver end-to-end BUDR services and support

Our goal is to provide a dependable and effective disaster recovery solution to assist your business continuity plan. BUDR Solutions to make you feel relaxed, we use a simple and clear approach to catastrophe recovery that combines technology. We understand the value and significance of each piece of data to each organisation. Therefore, the advice and support we offer takes into account your goals to give you a great fit for your needs.

  • Cost Optimization -Unlike competitors, whose models increase backup costs over time, EIL Global helps customers optimize and reduce backup costs. Our approach provides backup mobility among physical hosts, private virtual clouds and public cloud environments. We provide this service for all types of data and applications.
  • Expertise-EIL Global manages backup for customers. It has over 15 years of experience in managing compute and data environments for commercial and public sector organizations across the globe. Our specialist BUDR Solutions team has years of data protection and recovery experience. Their primary emphasis is on preserving and restoring data for businesses.
  • Flexibility -You can scale backup needs up and down faster, based on business demands. This is carried out through a simple service catalogue, and a 10% capacity buffer.
  • Traditional and hybrid experience-EIL Global is one of the few expert providers. We can fully understand both your legacy storage environment, and the impacts of cloud, hybrid and as-a-service compute and storage models.
  • Security- EIL Global provides end-to-end security expertise to protect your data, offering three levels of data protection. This ranges from replication, to full disaster recovery. We can deliver BUDR service highly secure environments.