AWS Services by EIL Global

EIL Global provides a one-stop solution for all cloud computing needs on the AWS cloud. Our consultants first understand your business needs and provide best-in-class AWS services to your business. EIL Global works with AWS’s well-structured framework to provide an agile process that takes the roadmap to reality. Our approach helps you plan your migration, build your cloud experience, and run and manage your migration program.

Is AWS the right solution for your business?

We help customers transform their business by optimizing processes, increasing productivity, providing useful insights, and enabling end customers to have a better experience with AWS technology’s technical expertise. To do.

  • AWS Application deployment services.
  • AWS Mobile Services
  • AWS Business & Apps solutions
  • Server & App Solution Management
  • Business model integration
  • Enterprise IT App from AWS
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Why EIL Global for AWS ?

EIL Global has over 10 years of experience in discovering, designing, and executing strategy-based Cloud implementations. If you are a first-time cloud user, are considering migrating from a server-based model to a cloud-based infrastructure or are considering migrating from another cloud provider to AWS, we are your preferred choice.

We have successfully implemented and executed the AWS cloud architecture for clients in a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, banking, automotive, and travel. We have successfully migrated terabytes of data to the AWS platform. Our dedicated team of AWS experts has saved millions of dollars by building both traditional and ready-to-use solutions to meet your needs.


AWS storage is called Simple Storage Service (S3). In addition to basic features such as server-side encryption, batch import, and REST API access, AWS Storage provides automatic archiving and automatic deletion capabilities. This means that if some data is not accessed frequently, it can be marked as archived or deleted and stored in a cheaper storage facility. This can save you a lot of money, especially when loading and saving older versions of the software.