End user computing services

EIL’s Project Management services delivers cradle to grave support for end-user computing environments. We have over 15 years of experience in these areas:

  • Product selection
  • Total PC lifecycle asset management
  • Rights-based, end user services
  • Desk and remote, end user support
  • Wireless users access networks
  • Mobile device asset management
  • Identity and  access management
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • End user experience monitoring

Managed end user computing evaluation

EIL’s advisory services team evaluates and aligns your END USER COMPUTING environment with industry specific best practices. We provide a functional and technical approach to leveraging Digital Enterprise Management capabilities to deliver a consistently excellent end user experience.

  • End point management to identify IT assets
  • Alignment between IT asset disposition and service management methods
  • Evaluate user compute requirements WRT service management model
  • Recommend adjustments to end user support processes, tools or resource disposition

EIL’s advisory service team evaluates and aligns your end user computing environment. We make use of some of the best, industry specific practices to facilitate this. To ensure an excellent end user experience consistently, we provide both functional and technical approaches.  This helps leverage digital enterprise management capabilities.

IT Device Lifecycle Management

EIL’s IT device life cycle management services ensures that end user computing functions are optimized. This helps extract maximum value from each of the employees, regardless of the device. Emtec provides the following end-user device management services:

  • Evaluate and prioritize business objectives. This ensures logistical and financial alignment of all procurement services.
  • Provide necessary logistical support to deploy major technology rollouts. It also aids in expansion of the geographic coverage.
  • Delivers consistent procurement and installation models across multiple global locations. This is done while remaining compliant with local rules.  
  • Provides resources, technologies and processes required to reduce overall operating costs. This is done to maintain the current technology in use. We facilitate this through our end user device management solutions.

Enables NAID and industry-specific, compliant IT asset disposal. This is done irrespective of the asset location- physical or virtual

End user support service desk

EIL Global builds, evaluates and provides recommendations. These suggestions are aimed at optimizing end-user support service desk, and IT life cycle management operations. We promise you on the ability to grasp the right skills at the right time. Your outsourced provider will definitely meet internal SLAs as well. Our consulting team ensures proper alignment of your service desks. This lets you focus on bigger issues concerning your IT departments. In a crux, we provide:

  • Tailored on-site, remote and hybrid support models
  • Federated models to deliver smart hands, on-site, anywhere!
  • Smart logistics to provide single day delivery of critical parts, on a global scale
  • Enhanced end-user solutions for K-12, distributed retail, finance and much more!


Microsoft Server, AD, SCCM & SCOM

Microsoft XP – Windows 10, Productivity Applications, I365

Apple Platforms and Operating Systems

Android and Linux Platforms


HP, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung & Microsoft End User Devices

All VoIP Networking

Cisco/Any Networks

Wireless Networking


Our teams currently offer END USER COMPUTING services to over 400,000 users, in over 500 facilities in 17 countries across 4 continents. We deliver results. We guarantee results. Our teams currently offer end-user computing services to over 400,000 users, in over 500 facilities in 17 countries, across 4 continents.

Our 20+ years delivering end user services brings a breadth of experience across multiple business models and technology evolutions. We have 20+ years of expertise in delivering end-user services. This brings numerous experiences across multiple business models and technology solutions.

We evaluate your requirements and tailor an optimized service capability to complete your END USER COMPUTING capabilities – through tools, processes or people. We evaluate your requirements and tailor an optimized service. This will help you complete end-user computing capabilities through tools, processes or people.