Hybrid IT Monitoring Solution


Today’s organizations use evolving technologies that create pressure in NOC/SOC and service team to maintain quality service, swiftness, and uninterrupted usage. As organizations running multiple monitoring systems, they often end up maintaining a siloed environment. So, companies are now looking for reduced resource utilization across the business environment and lower administrative burden on the IT Operations team. In the dynamic landscape of modern organizations, the constant evolution of technologies places considerable pressure on NOC/SOC and service teams. The challenge lies in maintaining high-quality service, swift response times, and uninterrupted usage. Many organizations, running multiple monitoring systems, inadvertently create siloed environments. 

The major operational challenges faced by organizations are:

  • Too many alerts which may result in high noise level.
  • Inefficient to support modern applications and cloud environment.
  • Unable to support modern IT infrastructure.
  • Inefficient to integrate with modern tools and ITSM.
IT Processes Automated
Workflows Established


With EIL’s AutoIntelli AIOps, you can gather performance and availability data from almost any device and also enable the IT Operations team to quickly and effectively manage alerts and solve frequent errors with the help of EIL’s AutoIntelli Bots. You will get a first call diagnosis for all your IT Key performance indicators.

Now, the imperative is to reduce resource utilization across the business landscape and alleviate the administrative burden on IT Operations teams. Companies are actively seeking solutions that streamline these complexities, fostering a unified and efficient operational environment. Our tailored services address these challenges, ensuring seamless integration, reduced resource overhead, and a more agile IT infrastructure.


Unified Monitoring. Multiple monitoring systems can be integrated into one single view

Monitoring capabilities for all physical, virtual and application environments.

Resolve your incidents automatically through our virtual engineers.

Create and Manage tickets in the ITSM Portal automatically.

Complete visibility across the business environment.

Reduce alert noise & Automated diagnosis.

Fully flexible for modern infrastructure.

Integrated with the ticketing system that provides on-time notifications.