Managed AIOPS

Managed Aiops Solutions
Reduces MTTR (Mean Time to Repair)
Reduce downtime
Enhance operational efficiency
Improve business agility
Avoid service risk
IT Processes Automated
Workflows Established

Incident Auto Heal

EIL’s AIOps automatically correlates the events faster and escalates the tedious incidents to respective engineers. Incidents are matched with previous or similar incidents and likely to resolve by itself over time. Managed Aiops Solutions unprecedented remote desktop feature allows the engineer to resolve the issues remotely with contextualized alerts.

Self - Service Automation

EIL’s AIOps comes with a self-service Automation feature that allows you to create any number of workflows to automate repetitive and mundane jobs. We also provide you some pre-defined workflows which you can apply easily to automate tedious tasks

Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis helps to identify the underlying cause of a problem in hardware and software. There may be many possible reasons for a problem, but with machine learning, we map with complex environment to get to the root of the problem quickly than manual analysis. We also differentiate the ancillary problems from major problems to help you to solve issues before it impacts the performance.


Analytics should enhance your business performance and provide possible insights from all major data sources. Our platform analyzes across logs, wires, silos, and API to provide you extensive analytics that helps you to predict future performance and observe insights across application, infrastructure and business services.

Our analytics benefits you to:

• Improve customer experience
• Avoid service interruption
• Streamline business operations
• Enhance business performance

HDDM (Host Discovery and Dependency Management)

HDDM plays a major role in IT operations including portfolio management and security management. Some of the benefits of HDDM are Noise reduction, Prioritizes events, Automates root cause analysis, Predicts and prevents service issues, Provide visibility and control

Below are some of the benefits of HDDM.

• Noise reduction
• Prioritizes events
• Automates root cause analysis
• Predicts and prevents service issues
• Provide visibility and control

Key benefits of EIL’s Managed AIOps

With the growing use of cloud, distributed architecture, and multi-level data, your organization may experience more monotonous jobs, which increase your employees’ workload, DevOps processes

Eliminates firefighting & Enhance performance and agility

Smooth running operations with no costly disruptions

No application slowdown even during busiest or high transaction days

Reduces workloads and free up the valuable resources for innovation