Break-Fix Solutions

Extend the lifespan of your legacy IT assets. We provide Break-fix hardware support services which are 50% less than OEM packages.

Despite much of IT moving into the cloud, businesses need an effective strategy in place for maintaining, replacing and repairing hardware components. EIL’s IT Hardware Maintenance Service takes over the management of multiple vendors, providing a single point of contact and delivering a Hardware BreakFix service which is both cost-efficient and compliant. Discover reliable break-fix solutions for seamless resolution of technical issues. Our expert team provides prompt and efficient fixes, ensuring your systems stay operational.

The Challenge

Organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to provide reliable hardware support and repair in the event of failures. The rate at which hardware components change make it nearly impossible to keep a reliable set of spares, and high levels of access to engineering staff to perform these repairs. Whilst much of IT is now moving into Cloud services, there is still a very high level of on-premises infrastructure, particularly for tier 1 production systems, that need a reliable support Break-Fix Solutions service.

Businesses need an effective way to manage and support their legacy IT systems, and with that, manage, consolidate and rationalise multiple suppliers. With shrinking IT budgets, more stringent SLAs and the need to meet compliance and regulations, the challenge is on.

Break-Fix Solutions

Our Solution

EIL’s solution frees organisations from expensive vendor management and offers more flexible shared Break-Fix Solutions services provided on and off-site, including all break fix management at a significantly reduced cost. We offer hardware maintenance services to large or small legacy estates, taking over the management of multiple vendors and providing a single contact point for busy IT teams. Bell Integration delivers a Hardware BreakFix Service in conjunction with the relevant vendor where hardware support is compulsory, to leverage more efficient costs. The service includes:

  • Server maintenance support
  • Up to 24×7/365 hardware support with 4 hour response service level
  • Granular SLA based response times supporting onsite and next business day onsite engineer and parts to provide SLA aligned services at a lower cost
  • 15-minute ticket response time
  • Local parts availability – with global reach and locations Bell can ensure hardware is supplied in a timely manner to remedy faults
  • Secure disposal of faulty (replaced) equipment using Bell’s Recycle & Retire Service
  • Full reporting

Process Integration

EIL will deliver all services following standard ITIL processes for support and management of the environment, including;

Incident Management

Problem Management

Change Management

Unique support of EIL Global

  • Update the incident record during initial assignment, each contact, status update and communication with the 3rd party during updates, therefore retaining a chronological record of the life of the incident.
  • Where appropriate and where prior SLA/OLA agreement exists proactively contact the 3rd party resolver group for both updates and in relation to SLA breaches
  • Act as the Single Point of Contact
  • Update the incident status

We will maintain ownership of incident status and only set the status to ‘resolved’ when the customer has confirmed this during the Incident Management resolution / Closure process.

EIL will triage the call and assign an engineer technical specialist for resolution within the specified SLA.



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