Imacd Solutions

Our IMACD services are designed to guide your company through technology changes large or small.

Need to Add Technology Or Move Existing Hardware to a New Location?

We offer install, move, add and change (IMACD) services that give you the flexibility you need to adapt to changes in your business.
We can help. We can handle all aspects efficiently and quickly, minimizing any business disruption. Whether it’s:
• Moving to a new physical location
• Installing new equipment
• Modifying current assets
• Disposal of old assets


Organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to provide reliable hardware support and repair in the event of failures. The rate at which hardware components change make it nearly IMACD Solutions impossible to keep a reliable set of spares, and high levels of access to engineering staff to perform these repairs. Whilst much of IT is now moving into Cloud services, there is still a very high level of on-premises infrastructure, particularly for tier 1 production systems, that need a reliable IMACD Solutions support service.

Businesses need an effective way to manage and support their legacy IT systems, and with that, manage, consolidate and rationalise multiple suppliers. With shrinking IT budgets, more stringent SLAs and the need to meet compliance and regulations, the challenge is on.

Imacd Solutions


Moving or relocating can be a challenging time. Whether your office or location is large or small, we offer IMACD Solutions a range of move services designed to make moving your technology to a new location a worry-free experience, ensuring your equipment is operationally ready before staff arrives.

As part of the move services ,we will:

  • Ensure the new space has your IT needs accounted for
  • Coordinate and execute the physical movement of hardware
  • Arrange for all wiring and cabling to be installed and ready
  • Ensure that network connectivity is in place
  • Unpack and set up the data centre if needed
  • Set up workstations, monitors, printers, telephony and peripherals
  • Thoroughly test all equipment and connectivity
  • Remove all packing and moving materials


Systems must occasionally be updated and upgraded to keep pace with your operational needs. As such we can facilitate the addition of new peripherals and components as well as software to your existing environment.




Our team can handle modifications to or replacement of your applications and infrastructure. Whether you need a configuration change to your systems or a completely new set of equipment, we can facilitate the process for you.




EIL will help you dispose /destroy/recycle your old IT soft and hard information with our experts across multiple locations. We ensure that our customers will be certified after destruction helping them move towards green IT.

Benefits of IMACD services:

Whether its a new set-up or moving, get going faster with additional resources

Access niche skills and expertise when you need it without hiring and training staff

We have resources on call and working different time zones to support your business outside of regular hours

With our experienced IT experts, we can reduce downtime you may otherwise experience

Our security specialists will ensure your new technology configuration is secure from threats

We align your new technology installs and changes with your corporate governance model

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