Data Center Services

Now more than ever, IT solutions for business must include efficient, flexible and scalable data center Data Center Services Provider infrastructure solutions. This should help you reduce complexity and cost, while enabling rapid application growth and latest technologies. With the help of a high-performing data centre storage and systems, we can use data to drive outcomes. This will also be cost-effective, efficient and reliable.

At EIL Global, we have the in-house expertise to execute this. We can design and implement your data centre infrastructure based on proven architectures and technologies. Our experienced engineers can help you develop a clear compute strategy. This will emphasize architectures instead of point products, bearing your workload in mind, always. We bring an application-centric approach to your data centre infrastructure.

We’re not just swimming, but drowning in data these days. EIL Global can help you find your path. We help you design and implement data centre storage solutions that will intelligently and efficiently store, protect and manage your information. We perform a complete discovery, design, installation, configuration, test and optimization of a variety of storage system. We do this bearing in mind all your unique requirements.

Converged Infrastructure

The current expectation is to think of your data centre infrastructure as a set of integrated parts that must function seamlessly. Converged infrastructure delivers your data centre as a tested, proven and integrated solution. Our experts can help you size, customize and deliver Data Center Services Provider converged infrastructure solutions that meets the demands and the scale of your business.

At EIL Global, we understand that there are many routes to convergence. It can be overwhelming  Data Center Services Provider in a market that is becoming more crowded on a daily basis. We’re here to help  you assess your goals. From reducing cost and complexity, increasing performance and efficiency, to merely trying to simplify your infrastructure, we got it all covered. Our numerous vendors will be observed to make recommendations that fit your business in the best possible manner.

Make data center management convenient, fast, effective with smart hands. Our team is onsite, oncall and ready to support 24×7.


EIL is a leading IT data centre networking solutions provider. We offer business networking solutions from leading technology partners like Dell/EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Aruba, Cisco, VMware, and many more. EIL has you covered with a variety of services and solutions:

  • Wireless access points
  • WAN/LAN, WAN optimization
  •  Network management systems
  • Switches, routers and network security
  • Cabling your data centre
  • Implementing cloud-based/software-defined networking solutions

We have a solution to suit most of your needs. We can help you upgrade your data centre’s networking infrastructure Data Center Services Provider or have EIL manage your infrastructure too.

Cloud Storage

You might downplay the role of data storage.  It’s common to think it’s not strategic or important to how you run your business. However, in reality, storage can have a significant impact on cost of capital, employee collaboration, energy consumption. It also impacts the ability to adapt quickly to changing bandwidth. As a result, cloud storage is becoming a proven approach for companies opting to work smarter with its complete set of advantages.

Cloud storage reduces your company’s hardware requirements. It makes room for a consistent monthly investment on operating costs instead of capital investment. This amount is usually spent on hardware maintenance.

  • Employees can access their files and collaborate with others, regardless of their location.
  • Provides enterprise-class security, redundant power supplies, and disaster recovery for enhanced security.
  • Greater flexibility to scale as needed, eliminating the need to pay for storage as well as peak hours.

Data Center Security

Whether you’re building a new data centre or maintaining an existing one, you must protect your data. With the rise of cybercrimes and the sophisticated attacks, choosing the right security tool is becoming increasingly difficult. Based on the enterprise’s industry standards, EIL Global helps you find and implement the right tools to meet your compliance and security needs. This makes the data centre completely secure, and reduces the burden on the team. Our 24/7 monitoring and alarm services give you peace of mind. You can be ensured that your data centre is protected day and night.

Make data center management convenient, fast, effective with smart hands. Our team is onsite, oncall and ready to support 24×7.

Data Center Services Provider

Data Center Designing

Your organization would be unique, and you require a data centre that is tailor-made to meet your needs and standards. EIL Global helps Data Center Services Provider you develop and customize your data centre from start to finish. This includes designing a new infrastructure, recommending the right servers and storage to the final deployment. Thorough testing at every stage ensures that your new data centre is reliable, easy to scale, and ready to meet critical business needs.

Data Center Consulting Services

EIL Global’s data centre services helps your organization assess and optimize your data centre portfolio. We strengthen our partnerships with industry leaders in technology. This ensures that we bring to you the best hardware and software, data centre solutions.