To successfully move to the new, your network must keep up the pace.

Businesses are rapidly moving to the Cloud and going digital. According to a recent study, 94 percent of executives commented on the pace of innovation. They say that innovation has accelerated over the past three years, in the organizations. The network has become a strategic enabler.

Most enterprise networks, however, are built to serve the needs of another era. The shift towards Cloud and going digital is putting networks under tremendous pressure. They are expected to meet demands for greater bandwidth, performance and security.

EIL is uniquely positioned to help clients transform their networks. Our ‘real-world’ experience drives proven solutions and implementation approaches. They are anchored with deep industry knowledge, and broad technical expertise. We can help you create a network that unlocks performance and unleashes the true potential of your businesses.

Unlock the full potential of your business with EIL’s expertise in network transformation. Backed by real-world experience, we deliver proven solutions and implementation approaches rooted in deep industry knowledge and broad technical expertise. Let us help you create a network that enhances performance, transforming the way your business operates.

Network Service


EIL is uniquely positioned to help clients transform their networks. We offer a full spectrum of services – from strategy, transformation to operations.

Network strategy

Assess digital business transformation opportunities and define the path to a digital-ready network.



Cloud networking

Reimagine your network architecture to accelerate Cloud adoption. Advanced wireless & IoT – Expand your network capabilities. This will help support the exploding number of connected devices, and the increasing data consumption of IoT applications.

Elevate your network infrastructure for seamless Cloud integration. Unleash the potential of advanced wireless and IoT technologies to enhance network capabilities. Adapt to the surge in connected devices and the growing data demands of IoT applications with our innovative network architecture solutions.

Managed network services

Optimize network performance for greater agility, reliability and security.

How we work

With EIL, it’s more than just technology. We’ll help you craft the right technical solution, and we’ll help develop the operating models, governance and new skill requirements needed to successfully support your business strategy.

Full-Scale Assessment

Accelerate Transformation

Operational analytics and automation

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