Streamline your Business Processes

Take control of your IT operations with workflow automation that are aligned with your business goals and operational practices.

It makes no sense to have your expensive professionals perform manual, repetitive tasks. Leave the routine to our workflow automation engine and achieve everything from happier and more productive employees to increased customer satisfaction and significant time and cost savings.

EIL Global’s Workflow Automation

  • Alert, Analyze, Act and Resolve your incidents faster and increase your operational efficiency.
  • Design multi-step workflows using a simple Drag & amp; Drop Workflow and form designer.
  • Create and run security workflows seamlessly.
  • Automate the whole of ITSM Service Requests and Change tickets.
  • Create customized Runbooks and IT Process automation flows.

Incident Response Automation

Create Re-Usable Multistep workflows that scale. At EIL Global we believe in simplicity and same way we created our products as well. You do not need complex DSL’ss or Query Languages to create Workflow Automation. Use your everyday commands but create
complex tasks easily.

Powerful APIs

Workflows that scale, All the workflows you create can be scheduled and triggered from external systems through APIs which enables organizations to create automations across their in-house or 3rd party application and systems.



Digital Knowledge Base

Convert all your Manual and Time-consuming SOPs into Digital SOP with EIL Global and work like a PRO. EIL Global supports powerful Regex capable Data extraction from the existing alerts and allows you to create policies and map those policies with Workflow Automation to achieve E2E Incident Response.

Key Benefits of Workflow Automation

Resolve issues faster and reduce MTTR and Workflow Automation.

Shift from traditional IT into a modern digital operation.

Proven methods to handle incidents, problems in IT.

Avoid human errors to reduce support and operational costs.