Backup Solutions

Convert your data backup to modern, secure disk-based technologies and pay only for what you use.

If your organization is like most, demand for data backup and protection is growing. And so are the costs to maintain these backups. Data centers are notorious for consuming power and space, which means most organizations must continually buy excess capacity to respond to new business requirements. In addition, in-house operations staff must continuously keep pace with accelerating technology innovation — further driving up costs.

“You decide where to host the data, and we handle the purchase, configuration, protection and management.”

Backup that fits your budget

EIL’s Backup as a Service provides cost-effective managed service for backup and recovery of all types of data. You can choose whether you want the data hosted in your data centers and remote offices, EIL’s data centers, or public cloud environments, and then we handle the purchase, configuration, protection and management of your data.

Regardless of the type or location of your company’s data assets, EIL Global’s Backup as a Service can protect your data. We provide this service where you need it, and we ensure compliance with national data sovereignty rules through locally deployed assets and in-country support.

EIL Global provides protection for all of your structured and unstructured data, while enabling self-service restoration capability to your application teams.

We provide support for:

• Virtualized environments, including guest or image-level data protection.
• Databases that include Oracle, SQL, SAP, SAP HANA data protection.
• Email systems, including Exchange and Lotus Notes.
• Internet databases, including Apache Cassandra and CouchDB, as well as MongoDB.

Upgrade your backup

Traditional data backup methods rely on magnetic tape, racking up costs for the recording equipment as well as the tape storage and retention. EIL’s Backup as a Service eliminates the need for tape backup, and provides a centralized, scalable solution for critical and noncritical data. See the results on your bottom line: You can transition costs from a CAPEX to an OPEX model and save up to 30 percent of your total data backup costs. Additionally, our backup solution draw on the latest data protection technologies to keep your data safe.

For example, a global educational testing company was able to improve the backup and recovery of its largest database environment. EIL Global’s Backup as a Service reduced backup and recovery times by 95 percent, which helped the firm address a daily issue of overrunning backup windows. In another example, a global shipbuilder was able to achieve 25 percent savings over 5 years for its backup environment while reducing capital expenditure by $3 million.

Why Choose EIL?

EIL is one of the few companies in the world that can deliver end-to-end backup services and support.

Cost Optimization

Unlike competitors whose models increase backup costs over time, Global helps customers optimize and even reduce backup costs. Our approach provides backup mobility among physical hosts, private virtual clouds and public cloud environments for all types of data and applications.



EIL Global manages the backup for customers, and it has over 15 years of experience in managing compute and data environments for commercial and public sector organizations across the globe.



You can quickly scale backup needs up and down based on business demand through a simple service catalogue and a 10 percent capacity buffer.


Traditional and hybrid experience

 EIL Global is one of the few providers that can fully understand both your legacy storage environment and the impacts of cloud, hybrid and as-a-service compute and storage models.


EIL Global provides end-to-end security expertise to protect your data, offering three levels of data protection, from replication to full disaster recovery. We can deliver EIL’s Backup as a Service in the most highly secure environments.

Ensure Efficient Operations

With EIL’s Backup as a Service, you can back up your data safely, avoid the need to overprovision and pay only for what you use. You’ll benefit from improvements in backup technology without capital outlay, personnel re-skilling or costly business disruptions. You’ll also realize efficiencies through:



Flexible Service Options

EIL’s Backup as a Service provides a reliable, managed and centralized backup solution for your corporate data and requires minimal infrastructure buildout. Service options include:

  • Operational backup with next-generation data protection storage
  • Offsite replication
  • Remote office protection
  • Defined SLAs and Service Level Objectives (SLOs)
  • Support for industry-leading private, hybrid and public cloud storage
  • APIs for integration and automation