Automation in Microsoft 365 Management

The Microsoft 365 wave has hit organizations of all sizes and functions across the globe. It has made it easy and cost-effective to go into the cloud without giving up the familiar Microsoft server and client applications.
The key to its success and widespread global adoption is its cost advantage and ability to improve the productivity of an increasingly mobile workforce

Challenges in Microsoft 365 management

Though it has many advantages, Microsoft 365 also brings forth additional challenges with user identity and access management. Be it bulk user provisioning or license management, many administrators question whether Microsoft’s native tools and PowerShell scripts are the best approach.
Managing users in the cloud-based Microsoft 365 or the on-premises Active Directory (AD) often results in unnecessary confusion, repetition, and delays. In addition to user provisioning, Microsoft 365 license management is a tedious activity for administrators.
So if you are looking for a solution that offers the operational agility and capability to automate Microsoft 365 management, EIL Global has the solution for you.

Microsoft 365 Management

Easily automate frequently performed Microsoft 365 tasks such as:

• User management, i.e., user provisioning and deprovisioning
• License management
• Block or unblock Microsoft 365 users
• Password resets
• Remove users from Microsoft 365 groups
• Hide or unhide users from the Exchange address List
• Photo management

Automation of user provisioning

Automate user provisioning by applying the customizable user provisioning template
Administrators can automate the Office 365 user provisioning process in just a few clicks by applying the customizable user provisioning template.

The ability to preconfigure user attributes and facilitate trouble-free automation is a unique advantage specific to our solutions. And it doesn’t stop there; you can also automate other administrative tasks such as disabling, enabling, and deleting Microsoft 365 users.

Automatically block or unblock Microsoft 365 users

EIL Global solutions shall Easily block or unblock Microsoft 365 users automatically. Once a user is blocked, they can no longer access the data and services in your Microsoft 365 environment.

Shared mailbox delegation

Assign Full Access, Send As, and Send on Behalf permissions with respect to multiple shared mailboxes to users or groups via this feature.


Automated Microsoft 365 password reset

Improve help desk productivity and reduce password-related tickets by automating users’ password resets, and also by forcing users to change their passwords at a specific time. Configure random passwords or enter them manually, and set up other password-related settings in the same action.

Automatically remove users from all Microsoft 365 groups

Configure automation policies to remove certain users from Microsoft 365 groups periodically. For instance, you can configure an automation policy that removes all inactive users from Microsoft 365 groups once they are inactive for over 30 days.


Hide or unhide users from the Exchange address List automatically

You can also automate how you go about hiding and unhiding a set of users from the Exchange address List via our Solutions. When you hide a user, the rest of the users will not be able to find that user in the address list.

Automation of user photo management

Adding photos to user accounts enables easy identification in the AD and Microsoft 365 environments. Further, when usernames are displayed with photos in global address lists (GALs), emails, and chats, the overall communication experience improves.
Uploading photos in bulk for a group of users in Microsoft 365 requires the administrator to write complicated PowerShell scripts. EIL enables you to use extensive automation features and UI-based actions make it the best alternative to eliminate user photo management issues.

Be it automation of a bulk upload or the replacement of Microsoft 365 user photos, enjoy the flexibility of selecting users from a list of preconfigured reports or a CSV file.
Using our Solutions, you can specify whether the user accounts created in Microsoft 365 need to be synchronized with the on-premises AD environment (DirSync-enabled), depending on your organizational policies. So, for all DirSync-enabled user accounts, automating photo management in AD means parallel automated updating of photos in their corresponding Microsoft 365 profiles.

Schedule reports in Office 365

With the native tools, automating report generation is almost impossible. And other options, such as PowerShell, make it extremely difficult to automate report generation. Our M365 Automation Solutions helps you with Scheduled Reports that can give IT administrators access to a wide array of reports that can be scheduled for automated generation at intervals chosen by you.
You can have them delivered to a specified email as often as you like–hourly, daily, weekly or monthly–in PDF, CSV, HTML, XLS, or CSVDE formats. You can automate generation of Microsoft 365 User reports, Microsoft 365 License Reports, and Microsoft 365 Group Reports.

EIL’s M365 Automation Solutions has a lot more to offer under Automation, including 14 crucial AD tasks that can be automated by choosing from 100 prebuilt actions for user creation, user modification, group modification, computer, and contact management.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 automation

Automate routine Microsoft 365 management actions with simple point-and-click actions.

Automatically execute follow-up tasks for automated tasks.

Set up monitored automation by enforcing business workflows.

View a detailed history of all automatically executed tasks.