Enterprise Network

There is a rapid influx of new software-defined technologies. This is rendering the traditional networking paradigms obsolete for enterprises all over the world. Taking the cue, organizations are modernizing their corporate networking infrastructure to reduce CAPEX. This also improves speed to the market, and extend their product portfolios, based on the shift in traditional paradigms.

EIL’s enterprise network services, enables the uplift of enterprises’ network ecosystem. This is possible with the new age, software defined technologies and automation, helping them to gear up for the connected future. Our expertise in technologies and processes and a  strong global network of technology partners, helps in quick adaption and mastering of new technologies. It also facilitates the pioneering of new enablement models for our customers.

“Elevate your enterprise network with EIL’s cutting-edge services, leveraging new-age software-defined technologies and automation. Prepare for a connected future with our expertise in technology and processes, backed by a robust global network of technology partners. Our agile approach ensures swift adaptation and mastery of emerging technologies, paving the way for pioneering enablement models that empower our customers for the digital era.

Solution Offerings

  • LAN (Wi-Fi/Ethernet) managed services
  • E2E managed SD-WAN and SD-Access
  • Enterprise network security solution & as-a-service
  • E2E enterprise network as a service
  • Managed enterprise NOC & operations
  • Enterprise transition & transformation


  • Availability of vendor agnostic platforms & pre-built service catalogues
  • Enablement of possibilities for revenue generation
  • Capability to enable end-to-end solutions
  • Seamless adaption of new technologies like 5G, with a modular architecture
  • Availability of services, designed to support next-gen use-cases

Business Benefits

  • Achievable reduction in TCO
  • Achievable reduction in network outage costs
  • Improved pace of service delivery to business constituents
  • Improvement in the overall time to the market
  • Rich application experience for end-customers