A Complete Platform for Certificate-Driven Security: Best in Class Onboarding Software

EIL Global’s BYOD platform allows users in Universities and other educational institutions in Australia as well as small, medium and large corporates to unleash the features of Bring Your Own Device. Using EIL Global’s BYOD solutions, IT admins can quickly enroll BYO devices, publish apps and establish secure communication between the workforce without hampering data privacy of the employees.

EIL Global, an integral partner of SecureW2 – JoinNow Suite provides customizable and adaptable onboarding clients that set up devices for Wi-Fi, VPN, Web and SSL Inspection security. Our solution takes the frustration out delivering secure networks by delivering all turnkey backend services for device enrollment, authentication and management. In an age where BYOD, IoT, and managed devices reign, our technology provides the answers by leveraging the components you currently own

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EIL Global’s BYOD Solution

Solutions for Higher Education

When it comes to network and wireless access, students will always take the path of least resistance. Universities already deploy some of the largest and most complex BYOD environments, and the glut of devices can often overwhelm IT resources. While it’s easy to blame the mobile revolution, the whole point of wireless has been to get connections in more places as easily as possible. EIL Global’s SecureW2 is dedicated to making the easy options the best options, making networks more secure and users happier.

  • Reduce support tickets related to Wi-Fi connectivity by 10-50%
  • Stop Wi-Fi disconnects due to password changes
  • Eliminate AD/LDAP credential theft via Evil Twin network attacks

Managed PKI (MPKI) Solutions

Passwords are outdated; not only are they frustrating to deal with resetting and creating, but they’re the Achilles heel of network security. Our Managed PKI provides the foundation for secure and passwordless Wi-Fi, VPN, Single-Sign On, and much more.

Designed for your Cloud Environment

In the past, PKIs have been challenging to set up, but the good news is that’s just the past. JoinNow Connector PKI was designed to be an extension of your cloud environment, automating certificate enrollment and revocation based on real-time data from your Cloud Identity.

  • Search for users/devices and easily view all their certificate lifecycles and authentication events in one place for easy troubleshooting and management
  • Simple and secure, backed by HSM (Hardware Security)
  • Integrate with ease to nearly every device management system or with BYODs/unmanaged devices
  • Automate certificate enrollment and revocation to all your managed devices through our API
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) is less than a third of comparable on-premise Active Directory (AD CS) solution.

Solutions for Enterprise

In the 2017 Credential Spill Report, it was discovered that some 2.3 billion account credentials were stolen because of 51 independent credential spill incidents. EIL Global works with Fortune 500 companies around the world to eliminate over-the-air credential theft, streamline IT operations, and improve security across the network.

• Easily migrate pre-shared key and credential networks with digital certificates
• Use built-in RADIUS and PKI services or integrate with your own
• World class MDM support and BYOD support via quick-setup agents

Certificate-Driven Network Security for BYOD

Our self-service onboarding client enables end users to easily configure their devices for WPA2- Enterprise. By completing just a few simple steps, every BYOD within the organization will be properly configured for secure network access. For ensuring secure guest network access, EIL Global’s SecureW2 provides a simple self-registration portal with optional SMS or email delivery of guest accounts. All guest/temporary accounts and IoT devices are tied to the sponsor and tracked in case there is a violation inquiry.

• Easy-to-Use Self-Service Certificate Installation
• Install Certificates on All Major OS and Browsers
• #1 Rated Network Onboarding Client
• Configuration Visibility via Error Detection and Reporting

Key Features of EIL Global’s BYOD Solution

Onboarding made Easy

OS Security made Easy

SSID Connections made Easy

Reduce Costs