Advanced Network

EIL Global’s advanced networking solutions provide network infrastructure and technology solutions for small-medium businesses. We help you design and manage your network. We can provide you with solutions focused on application development, network administration, and data management. Elevate your connectivity with our Advanced Network Solutions. From high-performance infrastructure to cutting-edge security protocols, we deliver tailored Advanced Network Solutions for your evolving business needs. Experience the next level of efficiency and innovation as we optimize, secure, and future-proof your network for unparalleled success.

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What is Advanced Network ?

Proactively run your corporate network of servers, desktops, laptops, and remote workers with EIL Global’s Managed Service Program Agent. The MSP Agent acts to automate the process of updating and monitoring the state of your IT infrastructure.

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We provide the following Advanced Networking Solutions

    • DevOps – helps mature your IT operations. DevOps automation can be used throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC), particularly in the areas of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Test automation, Monitoring, and Log management. The way we work is changing as a result of DevOps. Our Cloud automation professionals are available to help with all of your Cloud DevOps and SysOps requirements.
    • Digital Transformation – services are meant to transform the existing businesses to modern day businesses incorporating the best of the of the breed technologies.
    • SD-WAN – is a software-based approach to manage Wide Area networks (WANs). This helps lowers operational costs and improvement in resource usage in multisite deployments.
    • EDGE Computing – that has the potential to improve operational efficiency in businesses and organizations. Edge computing is a consumer-focused technology that is used to optimize data collection and processing. It can improve the performance of business platforms by reducing traffic loads and eliminating latency for speedy data analysis and better security.