Data Analytics

Data Analytics Solution

EIL Global offers powerful data analytics services, as well as real-world data literacy and powerful advanced data analytics tools and methods. Helps enterprises integrate, aggregate, and analyze different types of data from multiple data sources to meet specific requirements at the department and enterprise level.
It gives you a competitive advantage by enabling you to be truly data-driven. We help businesses to develop and implement robust corporate data management strategies that ensure data security, accuracy, and reliability

No Infrastructure Setup and Administration Burden.

EIL’s DA as a Service provides a fully customized data analytics platform for subscription-based in-cloud data analytics, supported by leading cloud services AWS and Azure.

EIL Global helps you reach your data analytics goals with minimal commitment and reduced total cost of ownership

Want to strengthen your business with advanced analytics relying on machine learning?

Big Data Consulting

Do you need to incorporate big data into your existing analytics solution or create a stand-alone big data solution from scratch? Our big data consultants will not let you get lost in the maze of architecture and technology options.

  • We design high-level architectures for big Data Analytics Solution based on business requirements and future solution priorities.
  • We clarify the data source, data flow, and functions that each architectural component needs to perform.
  • Our consultants, whether top managers or technical teams, offer dedicated training courses to help different audiences understand how to get value from big data.
Data Analytics Solution

At EIL Global, we render a full range of data analytics services:

  • Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) – For a subscription fee, you can perform data analysis on a fully customized cloud analytics platform developed and maintained by EIL Global.
  • Managed data analysis – Our data analysts collect and process your data to provide quick, one-off or repetitive analytical insights.
  • Data analytics consulting – Our consultants can help you choose the best data analysis strategy and accompany you in designing, developing, implementing, and improving your own data analysis solutions.
  • Data analytics implementation – We design and implement analytical solutions with essential features to meet current data analytics needs and scale with growth.
  • Data analytics modernization – We helps you update your existing data analysis solutions to maximize your ROI and meet your new data analysis needs.
  • Data management services – We implements a robust Data Analytics Solution framework for organizing processes such as data collection, storage, access, security, and analytics.

Maximize Your Data Value with EIL Global

Support & Maintenance
We provide support and maintenance services specifically for data analytics solutions. This includes SLAs, partial support, mixed offshore and onshore teams, and architecture and consulting services.

Modern Analytics Platform
Modernize your analytics with a flexible cloud architecture and the latest technology. Optimize your business insights from your data while reducing costs.

Data Quality
Data quality is revealed in reports, metric formulation, business definitions, and data adjustments. We help you enhance quality in the areas of data governance, master data management and technology components.

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