Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Solutions is the process of identifying, analyzing, and assessing risk. It helps ensure that the cybersecurity controls you choose are appropriate for the risks your business is facing. This allows a thorough analysis of network vulnerabilities so that security teams can begin implementing security controls to mitigate the vulnerabilities. Stay ahead of threats, prepare for compliance audits and employ accurate vulnerability coverage with an extensive Cybersecurity Assessment, powered by industry-leading experts and tools from EIL Global.

A EIL Global Cybersecurity Risk Assessment service provide an accurate understanding of your organization’s infrastructure to help you identify potential security risks and promote compliance with security best practices.

Risk Assessment Solutions

Why Risk Assessment is Important?

A comprehensive cybersecurity assessment is important to determine if an organization is well prepared to combat a variety of threats. The purpose of the assessment is to identify weaknesses and minimize security gaps. It also keeps key stakeholders and board members informed of the company’s cybersecurity position so that they can make more informed decisions about how security strategies can be implemented in their day-to-day operations.

Implementing effective cybersecurity programs in industrial control systems requires intensive insight into existing and potential risks, especially in the industrial environment. Therefore, you need to understand the latest industry standards and regulations. First, you can use a risk-based approach to assess the strengths and weaknesses of security decisions in complex production environments. Understanding the weaknesses and risks of an investment will help you better understand what to focus on. Also, how to create an action plan to gradually increase the level of cyber security protection in the facility.

Want to learn more about cybersecurity assessment frameworks and the steps your organization can take to conduct an effective assessment?

EIL Global’s Cyber Risk Assessment Services:

Cyber Risk Assessment Solutions should be an ongoing activity. Perform a comprehensive corporate security risk assessment at least annually to investigate risks related to your organization’s information systems, or whenever there is a significant change in your business, IT, or legal environment. Our team of qualified cybersecurity experts provide business-oriented advice on the entire process of assessing information risk.

  • Identify the assets that requires protection.
  • Identify related threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Identify exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • Threat level assessment by threat agents.
  • Determining the business impact of realization risk
  • Preparing for security risk assessment.
  • Advice on risk tolerance thresholds or levels.
  • Advice on implementing proper controls.

Why EIL Global?

EIL Global brings a wealth of experience in the areas of cybersecurity and risk management. We have provided comprehensive risk assessments for over a decade as part of our information security work with hundreds of private and public organizations in all industries. All of our consultants are qualified and experienced practitioners.

  • Identification: Identify all critical technology infrastructure assets. Then diagnose sensitive data created, stored, or transmitted by these assets. Create each risk profile.
  • Assessment: Maintain an approach for assessing identified security risks for critical assets. After careful evaluation and evaluation, determine how to use your time and resources effectively and efficiently to mitigate risk. Assessment approaches or methodologies need to analyze the correlation between assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigations.
  • Mitigation: Define a risk mitigation approach and implement security controls for each risk.
  • Prevention: Implement tools and processes to minimize threats and vulnerabilities.