IT Processes Automated
Workflows Established

The Key Objectives of AIOps are to

  • Reduce time spent on manual, repetitive tasks
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Great Insights to entire IT stack

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Autointelli Platform for Real Time Operations

Autointelli is an intelligent machine learning platform for managing IT operations and automating the most complex Business and IT processes. Autointelli helps enterprise organizations to shift left from traditional way of managing the IT operations into a modern digital operation.

Autointelli is here to transform your traditional workloads and enable innovation in your IT Operations

See How You Can Achieve IT Operations Excellence! 

Alert, Analyze, Act and Resolve your incidents faster and increase your operational efficiency

With Autointelli’s AIOps solution, you can

  • Integrate with a wide range of tools and bring all critical incident data into one platform
  • Design multi step workflows using a simple Drag & Drop Workflow and form designer.
  • Create Self Serviceable Knowledge Portals and run security workflows seamlessly.
  • Automate the whole of ITSM Service Requests and Change tickets.
  • Create customized Runbooks and IT Process automation flows.
  • Reduce Repetitive and Mundane Activities, and Manual Effort Reduction through Service Orchestration.
  • 24/7 Automated Ticket Response.

Still wondering how the Autointelli platform works for your business?

Automate All of IT With the Resolve Platform Get an integrated IT automation platform that supports you at every stage of your automation journey.

Resolve is the leading IT automation platform recognized by Gartner and Forrester. Resolve automate and orchestrate everything from simple tasks to complex domain-wide processes with little or no code, reduce MTTR, and gain insights into your infrastructure. Resolve is needed to eliminate IT silos and automate everything from the simplest and most numerous tasks to the most complex processes of the entire IT ecosystem (from hybrid computing infrastructure to networks, security, service desks, etc. Resolve plugs in seamlessly across your entire IT ecosystem, so you never have to worry about rip and replace with us. With more than a decade of automation expertise under our belts, we know how to build an intelligent automation and orchestration platform to meet the growing demands faced by today’s IT Operations and Network Operations teams. In fact, millions of automations are powered by Resolve on a daily basis.

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IT Automation Platform: Automate the Unimaginable Across Your Entire IT Ecosystem

With Resolve, you can create new automations very quickly and easily without code, whether it’s the first time or the 500th time. We provide thousands of pre-built automations (also known as runbooks) that have been developed over a decade in collaboration with the largest companies and service providers to automate all aspects of the IT environment. Whether you’re looking for digital process automation, batch process automation, workload automation, or infrastructure automation, Resolve provides a single automation platform that can handle everything.



With Resolve You Can Automate

  • IT Operations Management – automate everything from infrastructure provisioning and patch management to continuous delivery and proactive health checks.

  • Network Operations Management – automate network testing, incident response, and network provisioning and configuration.

  • IT Service Desk Management – automate service desk requests, change management, and non-security incident response.

  • Cloud Operations Management – automate EC2 instances, Azure self-healing, GCP resizing, and more.

  • Auto-Discovery & Dependency Mapping – Get full-stack visibility, automate dependency mapping, and ensure your CMDB is always accurate.