DR as a Service

DR as a Service

With EIL’s DR as a Service, you can replicate your IT workloads from virtual or physical environments to our high security cloud architecture. We can go far beyond simple backup with our disaster recovery expertise, ensuring that all of your critical workloads are preserved – and that the disaster recovery process is tailored to your business priorities and compliance requirements. DR on Cloud can significantly reduce costs (up to half the costs) as compared to a company maintaining it’s own redundant data centers

Does your business have an effective Business Continuity Plan in place?

Fast Recovery Time & Recovery Point Objectives (RTO & RPO)

RTOs of 15 minutes: Veeam customers experience 96 percent of recoveries within their RTO SLAs, compared to only 78 percent for traditional solutions. Prevents data loss by enabling low recovery point objectives (RPOs) of 15 minutes and enabling offsite data protection.
Single-port connectivity via a secure, reliable TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer) connection to a service provider with traffic encryption

Better RPO/RTO with Improved Resilience

  • You can choose from a variety of recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) choices to regulate availability and costs.You can ensure that key applications recover fast, while secondary apps recover at the lowest possible cost.
  • Auto recovery fallback ensures that applications return to the primary data centre for maximum performance, while pre-provisioned resources are started in minutes to ensure a speedy RTO.

EIL's Fast and Secure DR as a Service

  • Management and reporting are centralized
  • Integrated Disaster Recovery Runbooks orchestration for live and test failover
  • EIL’s Recovery Assurance allows for self-service or assisted onboarding and failover
  • Colocation is available for legacy systems and hardware platforms
  • Custom-made solution with 100 percent compatibility
  • A secure Cloud infrastructure with SLAs of 100% uptime.

Why EIL for DR as a Service?

  • Our goal is to provide a dependable and effective disaster recovery solution to assist your business continuity plan. To offer peace of mind, we use a simple and clear approach to catastrophe recovery that combines technology and expertise
  • Our specialist DRaaS team has years of data protection and recovery experience, and their primary emphasis is on preserving and restoring data for businesses
  • We understand the value and significance of each piece of data to each organisation, therefore our advice and support take into account your goals to ensure the greatest fit for your needs.