Want to know more about EIL Globasl’s WaaS Solution?

EIL Global’s Workforce – as – a – Service features

Talent Pool Management L1, L2, L3, L4 pre-vetted contractors for Field Services, Professional Services & IT Operations Projects
Project Management Collaborate globally, manage mixed skilled workers and milestones, and training
Global Single Currency Transactions Consolidated, Simple Quote, Billing & Payment terms options for project roll-outs & foreign purchases
APAC Compliance & Transparency Local legal entities, Understanding of local laws and regulations, manage & reduce risks
Multilingual Operations SupportVoice and Data Support for English and local country languages

EIL Global’s Operation Support:

EIL Global’s Quality Process:

EIL Global’s Managed Resourcing:

  • Skill Based Resourcing
  • Project Based Resourcing
  • Function Based Resourcing

EIL Global’s Ongoing Service Projects:

  • Successfully implemented, managed and supported Unified Communications Infrastructure of Regus (World’s largest office space provider) across 400 Cities in 70 Countries for 4 years on behalf of our Partner
  • Currently manages and supports around 50+ customers on a daily basis for MACDs, IOS upgrades, Cisco TAC Cases and Advanced Troubleshooting handling around 1000+ Alerts a day, 350+ Change Orders a day – all on behalf of our partners
  • Monitors and manages around 1500+ servers on Microsoft and Sun Solaris platforms for one of our largest partners in USA.
  • Successfully manages 4 Data Centers in USA and one of them is the 1 st HIPAA compliant DCs in USA consisting of VMware, Hitachi, NetApp, EMC, Quantum D2 and IBM
  • Currently provides Managed Resourcing as part of Back up and DR management for Data Centers in Singapore – MBC, Fort Changi DC, Keppel DigiHub, 1Net and Equinox.
  • Provides Managed Resourcing for 10 Data Centers in Japan in Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka, Nagaya, Shizuoka, Fukuoka and Kawasaki locations

EIL Global’s Services Portfolio

Why EIL Global for WaaS?

Business Focus

Business Models and processes are streamlined to provide 100% Services for large implementation and operations support to any enterprise;

Global Support Coverage

Fatigue can lead to major injuries. Be aware of onset by tracking swayed balance and cadence throughout the day.



World Class Technology Support

Manages one of the first and largest HIPAA compliant cloud-based Data Centers in North America for our partner


Multi- Vendor Technology Expertise

Manages 4 Data Centers in USA for our partners having multi-vendor platforms such as VMware, Hitachi, NetApp, EMC, Quantum D2 and IBM



Global Exposure & Experience

Experienced engineers  with expertise in design engineering and implementations based on industry best practices



Extra Mile in customer Care

Prime customer care with Head of delivery, head of business development and head of engineering a part of the delivery quality and escalation process



Global Competency

Project Managers with project quality adherence certifications and experience ensuring competency in global standards



Priority One

Alignment with Partners’ long term business goals and future acclaimed strategies