IT Automation and Orchestration


As organizations spend more time performing repetitive tasks, they may not focus on improving business performance. In a landscape where organizations find themselves consumed by repetitive tasks, the potential for growth and enhanced business performance often takes a backseat. The relentless demand for manual intervention in day-to-day operations can impede innovation and strategic initiatives. It’s time to break free from this cycle. Our automation solutions empower businesses to redirect their energy towards core competencies, fostering innovation, and driving productivity.The mundane jobs require more work hours and it also result in manual errors.
Today companies may experience the following challenges with the absence of IT Automation and orchestration:

  • Unable to detect problems.
  • Limited business productivity.
  • Cannot keep track of cross-team processes.
  • Manual errors.
  • Unable to integrate tools used in the organization.
IT Processes Automated
Workflows Established


EIL’s AutoIntelli IT Automation and orchestration solution makes your IT processes autonomous and advantage businesses with reduced IT costs, increased productivity and makes processes reliable and consistent. The Automation is powered by a self-service Automation tool with drag and drop design and multi-language support. You can make use of default workflows or create customized workflows to automate repetitive tasks and mundane jobs. By automating routine tasks, your organization can liberate valuable resources, enabling teams to focus on strategic goals and performance optimization. Embrace efficiency, minimize manual overhead, and unlock the full potential of your business with our tailored automation solutions. Reclaim time, boost productivity, and propel your organization toward sustained success.


Automate and streamline processes across teams.

Avoid errors in the manual process & Reduce MTTR.

Automated report generation about problems

Integration helps to identify recurring problems.