Messaging & Collaboration Services

EIL Global’s Digital Transformation services for Messaging and Collaboration Services include :

  • Development of Messaging & Collaboration Strategy 
  • Design Messaging and collaboration technology platform 
  • Integration of existing applications with Messaging & Collaboration tools to enhance productivity 
  • Upgrade of Messaging &Collaboration technology 

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The key technologies used within EIL Global’s Messaging & Collaboration services for enterprises and SMBs include: 

  • Cisco Unified Communications 
  • Microsoft -O365, Exchange Server, Active Directory 
  • Gsuite 
  • Trello 
  • Slack 

Collaboration and Messaging are definitely beyond emails and IMs, but would include all components of its digitization journey such as Cloud, Remote working, VoIP, Cellular communications, emails, Voicemails, Security, Access & Identity, AI, productivity and task management along with time management. 

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