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Cloud Security Managed Services

What is Cloud Network ?

EIL Global’s Cloud network and Orchestration services provides the perfect blend of customized solutions to mitigate the business challenges face by operators. We possess the capability to design a pre-integrated production-ready network cloud infrastructure and recommend best-suited orchestration, service assurance, and CI/ CD automation solutions depending on the CSP’s in-house capability and GTM strategy. The ensuing benefits include higher elasticity and improved service agility. Elevate your cloud security with our comprehensive Cloud Security Managed Services. Our expert team ensures a robust defense against cyber threats, providing proactive monitoring, threat detection, and rapid response. Safeguard your digital assets with confidence, backed by our cutting-edge managed services for a secure and resilient cloud environment.

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Solution Offerings

  • Network Cloud Planning and Design Services
  • NFVi/ VNF/ MANO Integration Services
  • CI/ CD Toolkit and Test Automation Solution
  • Network Private/ Public Hybrid-Cloud Infra Turnkey Solution
  • Orchestrator Turnkey Solution


Capability of a pre-integrated, next-gen ready solution for Telco cloud and orchestration

Availability of EIL Global’s New age delivery, CI/ CD framework for rapid agile deployment and VNFXchange platform for accelerated VNF testing and certification

Expertise in open-source solutions (e.g. ONAP, OSM),

An ecosystem of strong partners across all components of the solution

Global experience (implementation/ PoCs) in cloud consulting, implementation across several vendors.