How AI and wearables work hand-in-hand to reduce workplace Injuries ?

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Whether it’s stacking shelves, working on a conveyor line or entering data into a computer, most jobs involve carrying out some type of manual tasks. If poorly designed or done incorrectly, manual tasks can become hazardous. If the risks associated with hazardous manual tasks are not eliminated or minimized, they can cause significant and even irreversible injuries or disorders. MSD(Musculo-Skeletal Disorder) are the most common work-related condition in Australia and New Zealand despite the fact there are known methods to eliminate or minimize them.

The solution is is our wide deployment solution that empowers the worker towards wellness and the enterprise to gain unique insights that will support better decisions regarding the health of your workforce; Outcomes are unmatched; Accuracy is validated by the US Army:

Ours is the only all in one solution on a third party Samsung or Apple smartwatch.

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