Storage Solutions

Every organization is affected by the data explosion and is faced with never-ending hardware investments as it tries to store and manage data, much of which is business-critical or subject to regulatory compliance. Investing in, hosting, and managing an enterprise storage infrastructure is time-consuming and expensive.

Even with the most comprehensive capacity planning, anticipating what will be needed and when will be needed is difficult, resulting in substantial capital expenditures at times when an organisation can least afford them.

EIL Global can assist you in determining the best Storage as a Service solution for your company. Customers benefit from EIL’s Storage as a Service Solution, which provides safe, robust, redundant, and encrypted storage in a timely manner assuring security and compliance. EIL can help you create and execute a storage-as-a-service solution that meets your requirements. Our Storage as a Service options give the customised business solution to meet your future demands with enhanced control, improved reporting and analytics, and lower operating and administration expenses.

Do More with EIL’s Storage as Service Solutions

  • The ability to scale and deliver storage resources to your apps quickly as your business grows
  • A ready-to-use cloud-enabled solution that is immediately available
  • Reduces the cost of storage array administration in terms of operational expenditures
  • Accessibility and flexibility: only pay for what you use
  • Simplified storage management environment
  • Enables business continuity solutions such as disaster recovery and replication
  • Provides the ability to scale capacity as needed

Key Features

Data storage

Our on-demand object storage platform allows for quick storage provisioning, and customers can request as much storage as they need.

Quick content delivery

Our average response time is only a few milliseconds.



Data backup

Data is replicated automatically on three different servers.



Data security

Data is safeguarded, and information transfer is encrypted.



Access from anywhere

EIL’s Storage as a Service gives businesses with multiple locations and branches data independence, allowing servers and applications to run remotely from where the data is stored.