Last Mile EUC support for one of the Largest Tyre Manufacturing Companies

Partner Challenges

  • Provide Support in remote locations in Taiwan for the customer
  • Migration to new ticketing system as deployed by technology partner & at the same time take over as new tech support KIOSK provider for the customer
  • Take over existing FTEs under local payroll
  • Local legal and Human Resource Compliance

Our Proposal

  • Provide Adhoc Support at Remote Locations in Taiwan along with Australia
  • Set up a migration consultant to work through all incumbent FTEs and smooth transition from previous system to new system
  • Provide Kiosk operators across all major locations
  • Local HR and Legal compliance in Australia and Taiwan

Dispatch locations

  • Australia, Taiwan
  • 10-20 tickets a month

FTE Locations

  • Australia, Taiwan
  • 5FTEs


  • EUC – Level 1


  • From June 2018 onwards

Value Addition

  • Internal BGV process
  • Expectations Management
  • Dedicated Partner Manager

Benefits to Client

  • Quality resources
  • Internal Project Management