The 3- Way Managed Resourcing models

The 3- Way Managed Resourcing models are meant to complement organizations and enterprises to gain the momentum of running smoothly even if the business changes are inevitable to comply with. The key points that are covered with all the 3 models of Managed Resourcing are:

  • Role Delivery Responsibility & Accountability borne by EIL Global Australia
  • Quick Scalability options based on customer needs
  • Resources would be supported & monitored, by ourselves by an expert panel
  • Quality, Productivity, Delivery and customer etiquette mentoring coaching are provided
  • Quick disengagement option after project/ milestone achievement


Typically skill based resourcing, part of Managed Resourcing, happens as part of “unmanaged” resourcing where the required skills are augmented to the customer and it is further the customer responsibility to fine tune the resources to fit their augmentation needs. Though this model replaces the conventional recruiter model, the time required for a new resource to understand the business dynamics of the customer is quite longer. EIL global’s Skill based resourcing program is a Managed Resource program where the right skill is augmented, maintained and delivered to the customers.

The typical Skills we provide in Australia for Skill based resourcing are:

  • CCNA
  • CCNP – Voice/ Service Provider/ R&S
  • CCIE – Voice/ R&S/ Security
  • MCIT
  • NCDA
  • NCIE
  • VCP


Project based resourcing in Australia and Asia Pacific locations is provided efficiently by EIL Global’s Professional Services team. Based on customer requirements, the project teams are deployed to meet the project quality, standards and objectives. Instead of contracting out the project, the project team is contracted in, minimizing the risk of contracting out especially when it comes to key result oriented projects.

These typically would include:

  • Project Managers
  • Project directors
  • Program coordinators
  • Architects
  • Technology consultants
  • Technology specialists


These are contractual resources, but the key is SLA based delivery. Function based resource model as part of Managed Resourcing is generally opted by customers for service oriented functions where delivery is vital. In this model the delivery is measured based on the pre-agreed set of deliverables with acceptance levels. Hence EIL Global’s professional services team work in synchronization with its Managed Services team to define these SLA parameters for delivery.

The typical Skills we provide in Australia for Function based resourcing are:

  • Level 1 engineers
  • Level 2 engineers
  • Level 3 engineers
  • Subject Matter Experts