Windows Virtual Desktops

EIL’s Windows Virtual Desktop Solution

When unexpected circumstances arise, the need to mobilize resources while preparing for what comes next becomes critical. One who quickly adopts and transforms to meet the business needs becomes the market winner.


Enable your employees to connect to their work environment efficiently and securely through a familiar Windows 10 Desktop operating environment powered by EIL’s Windows Virtual Desktop.

  • EIL’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is all about delivering a full Windows Desktop Experience to theusers through Windows 10 or Windows 10 Multisession.
  • EIL’s WVD allows multiple concurrent users to use the same Azure virtual machine at the same timemaking the end user experience seamless and consistent irrespective of they using a physical deviceor virtual.
  • EIL’ s WVD reduces the cost per user of the infrastructure needed to run a virtual desktop.
  • This is a Microsoft PaaS offering, which also simplifies ongoing management of the environment.

Why EIL’S Windows Virtual Desktops?

Security and regulation 

Financial Services 



Elastic workforce 

Mergers and acquisition 

Short term employees 

Contractor and Partner access

Specific employees

 BYOD and mobile 

Call centres 

Branch workers

Specialized workloads

Design and engineering

Legacy apps 

Software dev test

Value Additions

OPERATING SYSTEM Delivers a Windows Server Environment through a Windows 10 Desktop Experience. Delivers Windows 10 using a special version called Windows 10 for WVD.
LICENSING Requires RDS license with SA, a Server OS like Windows Server 2016 or 2019 and Office as required. Can be delivered using an M365 package or some existing Windows 7 & 10 subscriptions.
COMPATIBILITY Comes with functional limitation from Server OS and also desktop application compatibilitychallenges. Built new version of Windows 10 Enterprise OS for multisession use for consistent end user experience.
APPLICATION EXPERIENCE RDS uses user profile disks and doesn’t support services such as OneDrive, Indexed Outlook Search and other office Products. FSLogix is a new profiles container technology that eliminates multisession limitations making the user experience similar to a local desktop experience.
COST OPTIMIZATION Increase in cost and maintenance through Installation and management of multiple RDS infrastructure roles like connection broker, RD gateway, licensing server and others on individual virtual machines. Microsoft taken over the Licensing, Installation and Management of the software and are operating as a PaaS therefore reducing cost and simplifying management.

How Virtual Desktops are used today?

How is EIL’ s Windows Virtual Desktops different?

Benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop

  • Enables a multi-session or dedicated Windows 10 experience, optimized for Office 365 Pro Plus
  • Supports Windows Server (2012 R2 +)
  • Most flexible service allowing you to virtualize both desktops and apps
  • Windows 7 virtual desktop with free Extended Security Updates 
  • Integrated with the security and management of Microsoft 365

Our Approach to EIL’ s Windows Virtual Desktop

Architectural Flow for EIL’ s WVD

  1. User launches RD client which connects to Azure AD, user signs in, and Azure AD returns token
  2. RD client presents token to Web Access, Broker queries DB to determine resources authorized for user
  3. User selects resource, RD client connects to Gateway
  4. Broker orchestrates connection from host agent to Gateway
  5. RDP traffic now flows between RD client and session host VM over connections 3 and 4

Full desktop vs. RemoteApp

You can assign your users access to remote apps if they don’t need full desktop access; or publish full desktop for power users.

Monitoring and Managed Services

Monitoring Service

  • Cloud Services Monitoring 
  • Online Ticketing System 
  • Dashboards and Reports 
  • Alert Notifications
  • Alert Filtering & Optimization

Management and Resolution

  • Technology Support 
  • Technology Advisory 
  • Ticket Remediation 
  • Access to Technology Specialist 
  • SLA Based Service Delivery

Prerequisites for EIL’S Windows Virtual Desktop setups