Webinar: REALTIME Employee Wellness Monitoring using Samsung Wearables

monitoring wearable

Interactive Webinar (Register NOW by clicking “get tickets” or “join here” )

Workforce Wellness: Enterprise level REALTIME employee wellness monitoring and management.

Solution powered by SAMSUNG wearable devices monitors Fitness level, fatigue level, dehydration, thermal stress and optimum movement.

Key benefits:

1. Empowering employees
2. Positively Impacting workplace safety
3. Prevent & Reduce workplace Injury
4. Productivity in Workplace

Key impacts:

1. 30% Reduction in Back Injury Risk
2. 50% Reduction in Exertion Risk
3. 30% Reduction in workers’ injury Claims

Time : 1PM Sydney Time / 3PM NZ Time

Date : 7th August, 2020

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