Possibilities Unlimited

Who we are

EIL Global caters to the digital transformation journey of enterprises through professional and managed services across entire spectrum of IT Infrastructure along with AIOPS, AI-based Workforce Automation and Blockchain Solutions.

Why Us?

How are we Different:
Skills & Delivery
Simple and timely access to specialist skills and knowledge
Quality & ROI
Project outputs enhanced by specialist resources
Partnership & Resources
Efficiencies through collaborative working, Effective recruitment and retention of key staff
Efficiency & Control
Refined budget and implementation management with best use of staff
Transfer the risk for achieving high service outputs

Our Key Differentiators:

  • We Meet or beat any price
  • We Deliver Free Proof of Concepts
  • Try us out first, for Managed Services with no cost on you
  • With AIOPS bundled MS, SLA can be as low as 2 minutes
  • Fast response anytime of day or the week including weekends
  • 15minute – 2 hour response anywhere in Australia/ NZ/ North America/ Western Europe for Onsite support
  • Access to best Global high-tech talent and knowledge
  • Agile processes
  • Provide a world-perspective consulting with best practices

Our Clients and Customers

A London headquartered FMCG multinational for their offices in APAC

An insurance and asset management giant for their offices in ANZ

Swiss multinational with offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and China operating mainly in robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment

Global healthcare company with offices across in Australia and New Zealand

A leading coffee solutions company in Australia with offices in Sydney and Melbourne

Australian and New Zealand subsidiary of bulk fueling, oil refinery and fuel distribution terminal giant

Our Evolution


Eljay Engineering India
1. IT Support
2.Hardware Sales


Global Experts Inc (Ejay USA)
Network Infrastructure Unified Communications


With an impeccable record for providing comprehensive, integrated Managed Services and Professional Services With an impeccable record for providing comprehensive,



Network UK (Eljay Uk)
1. Advanced Infrastructure
2. Microsoft & Server Platforms


EIL Global Australia (Spin Off entity for APAC )
1. Cloud Computing
2.Global Infrastructure Support
3. Blockchain


EIL Global NZ(Subsidiary of EIL Global Australia)
1. Artificial Intelligence


EIL Global Malaysia
1. Azure
2. AWS
3. Google Cloud


EIL Global Hongkong
1.Workforce – as – a -Service


EIL Global Singapore
1. AI-Powered Workforce Wellness Solution


EIL Global India
1. Mordern Workplace
2. Ship Bunkering Blockchain Solutions


EIL Global Ireland
1. Acquisition of Gnotis Ireland
2. Merging of Gnotis Australia and Gnotis India to EIL Global