AI – Automation & Orchestration

What is Autointelli

Autointelli is an intelligent machine learning platform for managing IT operations and automating the most complex Business and IT Processes.
Autointelli helps customer to shift left from traditional IT management to modern day IT management.

Having most of IT processes automated intelligently frees up valuable resources for innovation.

Business Process Engine (BPM) to seamlessly automate routine tasks.
Seamless integration with other tools and platforms through APIs.

Today’s Challenges
  • Increased Application Downtimes due to improper Infrastructure
  • Alert and Incident Fatigue To your Engineers due to improper Event Management
  • Scattered Scripts and Tribal knowledge of Incident response doesn’t scale anymore
  • Increased App Complexity increases your Deployment Timelines
  • Tools are Configured in Silos and there is no One Single Dashboard
  • SOP’s are either within the Engineers or with documents sitting in some repository

“Move into Modern day IT with Autointelli “

How Autointelli Works

Cognitive Automation & Orchestration IT Management


Autointelli’s Cognitive Automation & Orchestration IT management services strikingly improve efficiency while driving a foreseeable high quality of service.

We assure the outcomes you specify. You will see a positive business impact.

Autointelli’s service models provide the results you need, across your entire environment or one particular tier.



Let us take charge of creating a new operating model for part of your infrastructure that completely leverages the power of autonomic technology. Once the transformation is complete you can decide whether to have Autointelli deliver the ongoing operations as a service or assume internal responsibility for continuing operations.

Build – Integrate Autonomic and Cognitive technologies with your environment.

Operate – Use the powerful Autointelli IT service management suite to monitor and manage your systems and services.

Automate – Autointelli Continual Service Improvement developers demonstrate automation customized to your systems, applications, and business needs.

Transfer – Shoulder Continual Service Improvement development and oversight in-house. Create an Automation Center of Excellence within your organization.